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Merchant Payment Solutions

To take payments online you need an internet merchant account (IMA), which is a special type of bank account for accepting card payments online, as well as a payment gateway. 

As an Independent Payment Service Provider (PSP),you can apply for an IMA through us. We will offer you a wide range of varying solutions and offer expert advise to help you make the correct decision and find the perfect tailor made solution for your business. 

We will also if required provide you with a fully PCI DSS level 1 compliant gateway for all your data storage and processing needs.
In both cases, we will assess your application business plan, evaluating any potential risks before approving you for an IMA. When starting up an IMA, you will need to be able to pay regular authorisation fees – as well as deductions that cover the risks of accepting online card payments.

Unlike other service providers our solutions do not involve a joining fee to set the account up.  

You will only be billed a transaction charge for each payment collected, typically expressed as a fixed pence for debit cards, and a % charge for credit and commercial cards.
Our highly trained Team will help you decide the right merchant account to best suit your business needs.
Competitive rates and no hidden charges
No monthly minimum fee
Set up within 3-5 working days 
Easy to understand monthly statements